Nearing the end...and back to the beginning.

​This trip back east has been amazing. I got to spend time with my family (including a trip to THE JUNGLE BOOK with my niece and nephew), revisit some favorite places, and eat at my favorite restaurants -- especially the newly rebuilt Sergeantsville Inn, after it suffered from a devastating fire over a year ago. But I've also been able to do a number of substantial interviews, and further research into the Richard Amsel film. In fact, right after landing in Philly Monday of last week, I drove out to the cemetery where the artist was buried, and visited his hometown. Yesterday, nearing the end of my trip, I went back to the beginning after contacting one of Amsel's childhood friends who stil

On the move...

​The last week has been a busy time, and in the best possible way. The day after interviewing Bruce Vilanch in Hollywood, I was flying to Philadelphia for the first of what will be a number of trips for location shooting, and further interviews. I've done filming throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, while tomorrow I go to New York -- for what will probably be the most critical and important interview for the whole documentary. Fingers crossed. I considered sharing some pictures and details of my trip here, but I want to save some surprises for the future. Two emotional moments I will divulge: visiting Richard Amsel's grave, and his childhood home, neither of which I had seen before. More

Interviews, interviews, interviews...

​Slowly but surely I've continued work on the documentary.. I'm still assembling a crew and setting up a formal business structure, which is why I've been lacking in making further announcements on the site. I've been extremely lucky to have good friends dedicate their talents and their time -- and provide me with a much needed emotional rock throughout all the chaos thus far. (Here's looking at you, David, Judy, Rich, and Chris 1 & 2.) One thing I'll share for now: After several weeks of email exchanges, I finally was able to interview the man, the myth, the legend, six-time Emmy winner BRUCE VILANCH. Meeting him was every bit as wonderful as one could hope for. He shared recollections of h

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