Bob Esty - Disco Citizen

Last November, shortly before the documentary was announced, I interviewed legendary songwriter and music producer Bob Esty in his West Hollywood home. He's a memorable guy, to say the least. I had previously spoken to Bob a number of times over the phone about the project, thanks to a referral from my friend David Byrd. It took us a few more months to finally arrange filming, but in the end I wasn't disappointed. Bob Esty's a giant in the music world, having worked with such talents as Cher, Barbra Streisand, Donna Summer, and on the Disco-centric films ROLLER BOOGIE and THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY. Esty was also among Richard Amsel's closest friends, so I knew he was going to be a critical inter

David Layton - lone survivor

I first heard from David Layton back in 2012, when he reached out to me through my Amsel Appreciation site. Layton is a successful illustrator, graphic designer, and avid fan of all things movies and when we finally met in person last March to discuss the film, it wasn't exactly difficult for us to hold a colorful conversation. Yet there's also a personal connection behind Layton's interest in Richard Amsel. Layton was involved in a two year relationship with one of Amsel's close friends, the late entertainer John C. Attle -- whom Amsel created two posters for, including 1973's "Downstairs at the Upstairs". Layton recalled that, back in 1985, Attle had arranged to introduce him to

Mark Raats - Carrying the torch of illustration

One of the great joys I've had with this project is the opportunity to meet and befriend extraordinary people, many whose work I've long admired. When RAIDERS was rereleased in IMAX back in September 2012, it featured a new poster by the great Mark Raats, an Australian artist who, God bless him, still does illustration the old fashioned way. I remember drooling over that poster in the theater lobby. Raats' deft use of lines -- accentuating not just colors and shading, but textures and form, particularly with faces -- astonishes me to no end, and his unique style sets him apart from virtually every other illustrator out there. In the years since, I chatted with Mark a number of times, and his

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