My Indycast interview regarding Amsel!

Last Thursday I did a Skype interview with Ed Dolista for the Indycast blog. We discussed the Amsel documentary at length, and it was great to reconnect with Ed and the show again. The podcast is now live... You can listen to it here. We discussed artists whom Amsel admired, later artists who were inspired by his work, and other wonderful people who've participated in the film. (Name dropping time: David Byrd, Drew Struzan, Bob Peak, Mark Raats, Paul Shipper, William Stout, Sam Jones, John Alvin, Steve Chorney, Bruce Vilanch, Judy Goldman and more.) I also talk about Erik Sharkey and Kevin Burke's respective documentaries on movie poster artists, to give credit where credit is due. I was rec

Indiegogo campaign to relaunch Feb. 4th - but perks are still available!

Last November, I was admittedly in a rush to launch the first Indiegogo campaign, just because I was anxious and wanted to put drafting the website behind me before the holidays. A new Indiegogo campaign will be launched on Feb. 4th, with a promo video forthcoming. However, in the meantime, we will still honor any of the perks from the original campaign through donations on our FRACTURED ATLAS page. Please contact me to confirm availability, and for details.

Nathan Anderson and a sense of adventure.

It had been a while since my last filmed interview for the documentary. Not that I haven't been busy in the time since -- I was just burned out from traveling and lugging my camera equipment everywhere. For about six months straight, it seemed every weekend was dedicated to filming someone. I loved it all, but then I had other things to keep me occupied over the holiday season: drafting the Indiegogo campaign (which will have more attention, with videos and promos, in the future); going through and color correcting a large collection of Amsel images; assembling teams to work on the motion graphics and transcribe interviews; discussing musical ideas and themes with a composer; taking classes

David Byrd on PBS SoCal!

David Edward Byrd, Amsel's friend and a critical interview for our film, is the subject of a PBS SoCal profile on local artists. I hope you'll check it out, and see some of the remarkable work he's done through the course of his legendary career. Forgive the choice of screengrab below , but when David did this it made me laugh out loud. "Fine art" vs. "commercial art". Ha! You can't help but love him, or love his work. Congrats, David!

INSIDER'S ACCESS page is now live!

The INSIDER'S ACCESS page is now live! For those who have contributed to the film's Fractured Atlas or Indiegogo campaigns, as well as interviewees and participants, your password to enter the site has just been emailed to you. To access the page, go to the COMMUNITY button on the website, and select INSIDER'S ACCESS from the pulldown. We're having another giveaway for supporters, with a Feb. 14th deadline. If you contribute $25 or more, you'll be instantly entered to win.

Sending thoughts & prayers to Bob Esty

I just heard that Bob Esty suffered another stroke this morning, and is currently at the hospital. It was a little over a year ago when I interviewed the legendary songwriter and music producer. He is a lovely, thoughtful, and charming guy, and my heart aches for him. Please join me in sending thoughts and prayers to Bob. He's had a rough year, having lost his beloved sister, and, due to ongoing medical and financial issues, needed to move out of his longtime West Hollywood home. I hope you will visit Esty's YouCaring Page to help him through this difficult time. From the site: Legendary Songwriter/Producer/Musician BOB ESTY has found himself in an unexpected transitional time of his life, a

Why Star Wars Needs to Use Illustrators Like Drew Struzan for its Posters

Erik Sharkey, the director of DREW: THE MAN BEHIND THE POSTER, wrote this lovely tribute article to illustrated movie poster art for THE HUFFINGTON POST. He very kindly mentioned Richard Amsel, as well as our documentary! He also pays tribute to masters such as Drew Struzan, Roger Kastel, and the Hildebrandt brothers, along with the new generation of artists, including Mark Raats, Jason Palmer, Blake Armstrong and Paul Shipper. When George Lucas departed Lucasfilm after he sold the company to Disney, he handed the reigns over to famed producer Kathleen Kennedy, who has produced some of the biggest films in history, including E.T. and Jurassic Park. Given her years of experience with blockbus

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