HUFFPOST Article: Peak, Amsel, and Struzan

I first remember seeing Erik Sharkey, the director of the wonderful documentary DREW: THE MAN BEHIND THE POSTER, when the film screened at the LA Film Festival within the Hollywood Arclight some years ago. I would see him again at the opening of the 2014 Glendale Forest Lawn art show, featuring the work of both Mr. Struzan and Bob Peak. In both instances, I was too shy and nervous to approach him; the guy seemed to be always flanked by reporters, or VIPs, or engaged in conversations that I dared not interrupt or intrude upon. Nevermind that Erik's also about seven feet tall, while I stand a whopping 5' 10" (or perhaps 5' 9" now -- I think I'm shrinking, and I usually walk with a somewhat sto

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