WATCHING SKIES: Amsel remembered

The latest INDY CAST Indiana Jones podcast (episode 266) features an interview with author Mark O'Connell about his book, WATCHING SKIES -- a valentine to films and pop culture of the 1970s and 80s, particularly Spielberg and Lucas lore. I've yet to pick up O'Connell's book, but eagerly look forward to reading it. In the podcast, O'Connell mentions his particular fondness for Richard Amsel's poster art, and the sense of magic they inspired.

From Woodstock to Broadway: The Poster Art of David Byrd

Check out this terrific profile of David Edward Byrd, written by Angelina Lippert for Poster House. I'm happy to say that David is still creating posters, now at 77 years young, It's an honor to have him as a friend.

Amsel, animated redux

A major motivation for my embarking on this film came during my interview for Kevin Burke's documentary, 24x36: A Movie About Movie Posters. I marveled at the guy's determination -- traveling across the country on a shoestring budget, and making a film with a minimal crew.* This carried over to the film's post production, where Kevin created some elaborate and lively animations of the poster artwork mentioned during the interviews. I talked to Kevin after seeing his completed film, and his approach to the animated sequences was perhaps the most fascinating topic. It's certainly a challenging learning process, even after all these years of my using Photoshop and After Effects. For AMSEL: ILLU

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