SDCC Movie Poster Panel, Struzan, Shipper, and more goodness!

This year’s San Diego ComicCon is now underway, offering a number of streaming events over the next few days. Among them is the return of a monumental panel for all you movie poster lovers out there – MASTERS OF THE ILLUSTRATED FILM POSTER, which streams Sunday, July 26th, at 3pm PST. Artists on the panel include titans of talent spanning decades of the art of entertainment, including GREG HILDEBRANDT (Star Wars), WILLIAM STOUT (Wizards), STEVE CHORNEY (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), ROBERT RODRIGUEZ (The Two Jakes), RORY KURTZ (Baby Driver), JAMES GOODRIDGE (Deadpool 2), and AKIKO STEHRENBERGER (Funny Games). There’s also a guy named DREW STRUZAN. (If you haven’t heard of him, shame on you

Big Steps, Changing Times...

OK, time for me to share a little more personal news. It’s been on the forecast for some time, but now I can finally divulge it. After nearly twelve years at Warner Bros., I’ll be leaving the company come mid-August. While it might sound like the stuff that warrants tears, particularly in light of everything going on in the world, I’m happy to say it’s also the most dignified departure I could have hoped for. I’ve been longing for the opportunity to free up time for my own creative projects – so in many ways, the planets have aligned. People have been prodding me for updates on the status of my documentary, so now I’ll no longer have an excuse to brush them off. I’m looking to have the first

Still moving forward!

It’s been hard for me to think of a proper update in light of current world events. Things have escalated so far, so fast, and I doubt I could bring any insight or perspective that hasn’t already been expressed before, or do it with any greater eloquence. COVID-19 has devastated so many lives, including a number people I know. My heart goes out to all of them. I wish I could find the words to offer their families and friends some degree of comfort. For the rest of us, I wish for your health and safety. It goes without saying that these are incredibly dangerous times. That such a global health crisis should also be exacerbated by an incompetent, indifferent, and corrupt political establishmen

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