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DISNEY IN-BETWEEN / 1 week left in our March promo!


Last summer I interviewed Stephen Anderson, a longtime animator, writer, and director behind such wondrous, charming films as MEET THE ROBINSONS (2007) and WINNIE THE POOH (2011), as well as TV’s MONSTERS AT WORK. We had talked about Amsel's aspirations to become an animator for Disney, during a time when animation had been in decline. (A topic I also discussed in my interview with animation legend Gary Goldman.)

During our conversation, I recall Steve mentioning he was writing a book about the fascinating, heartbreaking years between Walt Disney's death and the studio's renaissance in the late 1980s. I'm happy to share that Steve now has an Indiegogo campaign set up, where you can buy a copy of this book, scheduled for release in July!

The book is DISNEY IN-BETWEEN: THE LOST YEARS 1966-1986. I sincerely am looking forward to reading it, and hope you will, too!


There’s just ONE WEEK left in our March donation promo, where those who donate can enter to win one of two signed copies of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: THE ILLUSTRATED SCREENPLAY! One copy is signed by RAIDERS executive producer Howard Kazanjian, while the other is signed by legendary artist William Stout, who contributed storyboards for the film.

As a reminder, this project has 501©(3) non profit status. Donations are tax deductible where applicable by law. Please refer to our donation page for more information.


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