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Upcoming fundraising changes

I’ve just learned that our project’s fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, has implemented new fundraising guidelines. (Fractured Atlas provides this project with 501©(3) charitable non-profit status, allowing donations to be fully tax deductible where applicable by law.) As a result, the monthly giveaways and “perks” we’ve offered will need to be available through another crowdfunding venue.

March’s promotion, as it has already been announced, will be the last such giveaway that will also be tax deductible. (This promotion offers both an original RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK poster, as well as a print of the winner’s choice.)

Supporters of the project will soon have two options for making contributions to the documentary:

  1. Tax-deductible donations can still be made through our project page on the Fractured Atlas site, but it will no longer include any tangible gift incentives.

  2. An alternative crowdfunding page (likely on INDIEGOGO) will continue to offer our usual thank you gifts and rewards perks, but any contributions made there will not be tax deductible. But there are exciting new incentives for contributors, including the opportunity to earn credited producing credits on the film.

This is an exciting time for the project, as the bulk of the work has already been done. But there are still many challenges ahead. Editing, sound, music, legal clearances, promotions, exhibitions – all of these require additional resources and funding. Your continued support will make it happen. And in this sort of endeavor, every dollar counts.

And if you can’t donate right now? Well, that’s certainly understandable. We’re facing challenging times. But you can still help...

Help us to get the word out. Let people know about Richard Amsel's iconic work, and the importance of this project.

Amsel’s life and career were all too brief. The aim of this film is to celebrate his work, preserve his creative legacy, and shed light on an enigmatic life that was every bit as colorful and wondrous as the art itself.


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