Masters of the Illustrated Film Poster panel at SDCC! (Updated with video!)

In less than two weeks, Comic-Con descends upon San Diego. It's probably the biggest and most publicized pop cultural event in the world, and it only gets bigger each passing year. I've gone a number of times -- as a visitor, a panel participant, and as an artist -- and there's nothing else quite like it. It's fun, exciting, but also exhausting, expensive, and claustrophobic. All qualms aside, it's always a memorable and worthwhile experience. This year's event includes a very special panel that's dear to my heart, and some of its key players are featured in my documentary. MASTERS OF THE ILLUSTRATED FILM POSTER takes place on Friday, July 19th, from 1-2pm in room 23ABC at the San Diego Comi

Poster House opens in NYC!

I know it's a bit overdue, but I'd be remiss not to mention the opening of POSTER HOUSE last month! I definitely need to make plans to go there later this fall... Poster House is the first museum in the United States dedicated exclusively to the art of posters. From their official website: Through exhibitions, events, and publications, Poster House presents a global view of posters from their earliest appearance in the late 1800s, to their present-day use. Poster House takes its mission from the medium, aiming to engage and educate all audiences as we investigate this large format graphic design and its public impact. ... For a poster to succeed, it must communicate. By combining the power o

Andrea & John Alvin art show

Last summer I had the pleasure of interviewing the amazingly talented Andrea Alvin at her lovely home in Rhinebeck, New York. She provided wonderful comments on Richard Amsel's work, as well as the artistic legacy of her late husband, John Alvin. (My blog on that meeting can be found here.) I wanted to help spread the word of a new gallery show of the Alvins' creative oeuvre that opens today. Any art and movie lovers near New York should definitely check it out! From the HUDSON VALLEY MAGAZINE: Rhinebeck resident Andrea Alvin, together with her husband John Alvin, produced some of the most iconic movie posters of the last 50 years. From Young Frankenstein to Goonies, E.T. The Extra Terrestri

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