In honor of World AIDS Day, Amsel's quilt panel finally viewable to the public on Dec. 2nd in Ne

I just returned from yet another trip to the East Coast, having traveled through four states in less than two weeks. I managed to spend some time with family, revisit old friends, and film some additional interviews for the documentary -- the latter of which I'll be detailing here soon. I was also able complete a very important errand before my return flight to Los Angeles. I handed the Richard Amsel AIDS quilt panel over to the staff at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, where it will be viewable to the public for the very first time, before its eventual inclusion within the AIDS Memorial Quilt in Washington, D.C. I've long sought a proper venue to debut the panel, as most places hosting portio

R.I.P.: Bob Esty, 1947-2019

I’m heartbroken to learn that Bob Esty passed away last Thursday, Sept. 26th. Bob was a close friend of Richard Amsel’s, and he was among the first people I interviewed for my documentary. The filming, which took place almost four years ago in Esty’s West Hollywood apartment, was filled with laughter, bawdy humor, touching remembrances…and more than a bit of singing. For those who knew Esty, the latter will hardly come as a surprise. Esty has been referred to as “The Man Who Created Disco” – a musical genius who collaborated with Cher, Donna Summer, Sally Kellerman, LaRue, Billy Preston, Dusty Springfield, and Barbra Streisand. He was a music producer, arranger, composer, songwriter, and sin

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