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Richard Amsel, 30 years gone.

Tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary of Richard Amsel's death. I opted to post something about it today, as the artist has been on my mind so much as of late.

People often use the term "rest in peace" when addressing the dead. I never really fancied it myself. Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs, it's certainly a lovely concept. But I prefer another.

I don't necessarily believe in an afterlife. I certainly would like to -- it's a comforting, romantic notion -- but I'm a skeptic by nature. Maybe oblivion is all there is. Who knows? Nevertheless, should there indeed be an afterlife afforded to us, I wouldn't want to spend it resting. I'd want to stay busy! Stay creative! Be swamped with work, with ideas, with more dreams to fulfill!

So to Richard Amsel, I'd like to say this: keep on dreaming, keep on creating, wherever you may be.

Photo of Richard Amsel by the late Kenn Duncan.

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