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At long last...Amsel's RAIDERS prints are up on the wall.

Last May, someone showed me what he described as super-rare "lithographs" made from Richard Amsel's original artwork for RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. He valued them at a rather incredible $2500 each, and I never thought I'd see the day where I would have copies of them in my studio.

Well...I finally got 'em. I won't say how, or from who, but I did learn a little more accurate information about the pieces. (*Ahem.*) First, these are photographic prints, not lithographs (a big difference). Second, their monetary value is considerably less than what the other guy claimed. ("Considerably" meaning a single-digit percentage of the larger, inflated price the other guy told me.)

But I don't care. To me, they're priceless, and I adore them. Yup, I'm a nerd.

The photos here just don't do them justice. Amsel's colors are considerably more intense than what was reproduced on the final printed posters. The details are particularly sharp, too. (I also have to give kudos to Brey's Picture Framing in Glendale, CA, for doing such a great job framing them.) the person who actually delivered on his promise and made these pieces possible, I salute you. I can not thank you enough for your honesty, trust, and advice. They've helped me more than you know, and I hope to one day return the favor.

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