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​Slowly but surely I've continued work on the documentary.. I'm still assembling a crew and setting up a formal business structure, which is why I've been lacking in making further announcements on the site. I've been extremely lucky to have good friends dedicate their talents and their time -- and provide me with a much needed emotional rock throughout all the chaos thus far. (Here's looking at you, David, Judy, Rich, and Chris 1 & 2.)

One thing I'll share for now: After several weeks of email exchanges, I finally was able to interview the man, the myth, the legend, six-time Emmy winner BRUCE VILANCH. Meeting him was every bit as wonderful as one could hope for. He shared recollections of his friendship with the late Richard Amsel, and spoke with equal parts thoughtfulness and hilarity.. We had to restrain ourselves from laughter during filming.

Thank you, Bruce, for all your time and patience. And I have to get one of those T-shirts. Thanks, too, to Richard Adkins and the kind folks at the Hollywood Heritage Museum, for allowing us use of their facilities for filming.

Tomorrow, I fly back east... More to come, so stay tuned!

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