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Cinemalad Productions receives 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship from Fractured Atlas!

​Hey guys, I have some wonderful news to share.

Since this project's inception, I've struggled with deciding what would be the most appropriate business structure for the documentary. My aim has always been to help preserve Richard Amsel's creative legacy, rather than own or exploit it.

I've had a few rough patches getting this project off the ground. Such things are common with almost any creative endeavor. I've learned that the best way to get through them is to focus on the positive, shed whatever toxicity and hubris possible, learn the value of forgiveness, and, above all else, to keep moving forward.

This project has granted me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people -- talented, charming, warm personalities -- and their friendship easily bests all the other negative experiences I've encountered so far. This non-profit status is, I feel, what's best for the project -- both creatively and personally, with genuine good will and positive karma.

I can never presume to know what Richard Amsel would have thought of my efforts, but I'm trying my best, and won't give up. There's a long journey ahead of me, and I'll enjoy every step.


Cinemalad Productions receives 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship from Fractured Atlas, for the documentary feature Amsel: Illustrator of the Lost Art.

The film presents the first in-depth profile of legendary illustrator Richard Amsel (1947-1985), detailing the artist’s remarkable body of work while chronicling an enigmatic life marked with personal heartbreak, celebrity friendships, financial hardships, creative genius, and a tragic end at the age of thirty-seven from AIDS.

Amsel remains a titanic figure within the realm of entertainment art, with work ranging from celebrated movie posters (Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Sting, The Dark Crystal, and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome), to iconic album and concert posters (including famous portraits of Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand), to magazine covers – including 37 covers for TV Guide. Yet while the Amsel’s illustrations remain extremely popular, little has ever been revealed about the man himself.

Now in production, the film will include extensive interviews with Amsel’s friends, celebrities, and colleagues, and will offer a new appreciation of the artist’s work. The documentary will also examine Amsel’s time within New York’s gay culture in the ‘70s, the onslaught of AIDS in the ‘80s, the aftermath of Amsel’s death, and his enduring creative legacy to generations of artists and moviegoers.

Adam McDaniel serves as director and writer, and will produce under his Cinemalad Productions banner. This marks his feature directing debut.

Fractured Atlas is a nationally recognized service organization benefiting the needs of arts groups as well as individual artists in all disciplines. Founded in 1998, their fiscal sponsorship will allow the documentary to receive tax-deductible donations through forthcoming grants and crowdfunding campaigns.

For more information on the film, go to

For more information on Fractured Atlas, go to


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