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Forever thanks.

Since filming my first interview nearly two years ago, I've kept a list of people to thank within the end credits of the film. I have yet to make an exact count, but it's gotten pretty freaking long so far.

To those of you who've supported the project -- be it financially, emotionally, by making personal referrals, by spreading good word of mouth, or by volunteering your time and energies -- I can't thank you enough. I was thinking of listing some people here in this post, but there are too many to mention, and I don't want to single some names out while inadvertently slighting others.. Everything and everyone matters.

One example that I'll share, though, is this jigsaw puzzle an Indiana Jones and Amsel fan gifted me after a recent visit to Disneyworld. It features Amsel's rerelease artwork for RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, and I absolutely love it:

There have been other interviews completed over the last few months that I've yet to write about, and more are scheduled in the upcoming weeks. I really don't know how I can cram all the good stuff into a two hour film; I will likely make a super-long personal cut, and from there, gauge people's reactions to fine tune it. But this process will take time.

I'm sad to say that I've been dealing with an ill family member, and will likely have to take a hiatus in the coming months because of it. Family is everything, and I need to keep my priorities in check. But if there's one thing I've learned while making this documentary, it's the value of commitment and patience. So many doors have recently opened for me, and it's because people are so supportive of the project. That word of mouth is pure gold, and I'm in all your debt. I just hope I can make something that will honor Richard Amsel's legacy.

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