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Rediscovered: Amsel piece for RCA Records (Updated!)

I still have yet to write up everything about my last trip to the East Coast, even as I plan to fly out yet again next week. It's been a challenging time, as I'm dealing with an ill family member, and have put a lot of creative things on hold while focusing on life's priorities.

One early snippet I'd like to share here is an old illustration Amsel did for RCA Records. I'm not sure about the details of the piece, but I think it's dated around 1971. I found this in an old copy of an Illustrators Annual while visiting The Society of Illustrators in New York with Marsha Cohen.


Thanks to fellow Amsel fans Randal Tolbert, Tim Dunleavy, and Luis Tomaz Pires, I've not only been able to identify the image, but through I little research -- and a LOT of Photoshop tinkering -- I can now present the image in full color glory!

This illustration was for a 2-LP record release by RCA in 1974, 30 GREATEST HITS FROM THE WORLD'S GREATEST OPERETTAS. It features Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald from the MGM movie musical, ROSE MARIE.

This image is actually a composite of 5 different pictures I found online, that I jigsaw-pieced together, and did a bit of Photoshop cleanup and repainting. It's not perfect, but I'm thrilled to add a new piece to the gallery.

Several more images are coming soon, thanks to the contributions of another person I interviewed for the documentary last month. I have to do a proper writeup of our meeting, but for now I'll reveal this: his testimonial is crucial to the film, and to Richard Amsel's legacy.

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