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Status updates / Movie poster momentum

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy. I just got back from a second trip to the east coast in the last four months; while I did film more interviews while there, most of my time has been preoccupied with an ill family member, and I'll likely need to go back later in the summer or early fall.

There have been a lot of interviews I've yet to write about, and certain names I've yet to reveal, but all will have to be in due time. I'm still doing more interviews, but need to slow down a bit as I prioritize other things. For now, however, I've been keeping busy working with people on both the film's motion graphics and the monumental task of researching archival and historical video footage and photos to incorporate into the film.. (A lot more will be discussed about that later -- and I look forward to introducing the people I'm collaborating with.)

On a related subject, Kevin Burke's documentary 24x36: A Movie About Movie Posters has been getting a lot of well-deserved press as of late, and is now streaming exclusively on TRIBECA SHORTLIST. There's a new trailer that features my voice, though I'm unseen -- and I definitely think that's for the best!

Patrick Lee has written an article discussing the film on Tribeca's OUTTAKE website, profiling Amsel, Peak, Alvin, and Struzan -- Are these the Four Best Movie Poster Artists Ever? It's definitely worth a read.

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