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I’m going to make a sincere attempt to post weekly updates from now on. There are so many interviews I’ve done that I’ve yet to mention, though I’m still trying to schedule more in the coming months. Patience is a virtue, but then again, so is activity.

Another challenge I hope to accomplish in the future is better integrating the site with this one, so that all news stories can be searched at the same time, and to give everything a uniform look. I’d also like to include some new and improved images, including a number of Amsel works that have never been published before. But there are two significant caveats.

First, I want to leave some of these “rediscoveries” for the documentary to unveil. Each and every image of Amsel art I have personally digitally cleaned up and color corrected. Many images have come from photographic transparencies of Amsel’s originals, others from my own personal photographs and scans. This has involved years of work, but I think the wait and effort will be worth it.

The second reason is a bit more frustrating. It seems every time I make a decent quality image public on the site, internet vultures use them for selling prints / T-shirts / insert-cashcow-tchotchke-item-on-eBay-here. I don’t want to give them further ammunition.

Yet is not only due for an asthetic refresh. The tribute & bio pages, first published in 2008, are now woefully obsolete. Over the years so much new information -- and new testimonials -- have come in. In order to truthfully describe the narrative of Richard Amsel’s life and legacy (and those who played a part in it), I sincerely believe everything will need to be rewritten from the ground up. For now, most of the writing appears on the site in its original form, shortcomings and all…

The full truth will come out when the film is complete.

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