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Donate now for the chance to win a print of Amsel's 1982 RAIDERS artwork!

I've decided to add yet another incentive before the year's end! Those who donate at least $30 to our project through our Fractured Atlas donation page will be entered to win a 24"x30" print of Amsel's 1982 RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK artwork!

Often cited as one of the greatest movie posters of all time, Amsel's rerelease artwork for RAIDERS is printed on Premium Photo Luster paper. Only one print will be available, and the winner will be selected at random. Donations must be received by Dec. 31st, 2019, and the winner will be notified in the first week of January, 2020.

(Winner is not responsible for any shipping fees. Those who have previously donated since the initial November 3rd announcement are already entered to win.)

These art reprints were made directly from photographic transparencies taken of Amsel's original artwork, and were professionally scanned and color-corrected. None of these reproductions are intended for commercial sale.

Fractured Atlas is a non-profit 501(c)(3) arts service organization legally registered as a charity to fundraise in all 50 states. Donations through this page are fully tax-deductible under the law. (To learn more about donating to the film, you can also check out our Donate/Contribute page.)

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