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Winner announced for the giveaway!

I'm only a month overdue on, yeah, my bad. Sorry.

Announcing the winner of the giveaway prize! (Sorry for the ridiculous screengrab.)

I did this video to prove that the selection was completely impartial. As a number of donations came from dear friends of mine, I had to take steps to avoid favoritism...though admittedly, I love YOU ALL! :)

Pictured: Carly the cat supervises the name drawing.

Congrats to JASON NAGEL for winning the RAIDERS print giveaway -- part of the "perks" for those who contributed to our documentary through our Fractured Atlas donation page. Fractured Atlas is an arts service organization that is our 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor; contributions are tax deductible where allowed by law.

These art reprints were made directly from photographic transparencies taken of Amsel's original artwork, and were professionally scanned and color-corrected. None of these reproductions are intended for commercial sale; they are only given as "perks" for 501(c)(3) donations to our project.

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