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SDCC Movie Poster Panel, Struzan, Shipper, and more goodness!

This year’s San Diego ComicCon is now underway, offering a number of streaming events over the next few days. Among them is the return of a monumental panel for all you movie poster lovers out there – MASTERS OF THE ILLUSTRATED FILM POSTER, which streams Sunday, July 26th, at 3pm PST.

Artists on the panel include titans of talent spanning decades of the art of entertainment, including GREG HILDEBRANDT (Star Wars), WILLIAM STOUT (Wizards), STEVE CHORNEY (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), ROBERT RODRIGUEZ (The Two Jakes), RORY KURTZ (Baby Driver), JAMES GOODRIDGE (Deadpool 2), and AKIKO STEHRENBERGER (Funny Games).

There’s also a guy named DREW STRUZAN. (If you haven’t heard of him, shame on you.) But more on him in a moment…

The moderator is PAUL SHIPPER, who has become one of the most prominent -- and prolific -- poster artists of his generation, including work on such films as THE LAST JEDI and READY PLAYER ONE.

I’m privileged to know a number of these artists, and am especially honored that some will be featured in the forthcoming Richard Amsel documentary. Based on how thoughtful and eloquent their commentaries were, this panel should be pretty dynamite.

Now about that Struzan fellow…

To summarize the scope and influence of his work is too daunting a challenge for me to writeup in a silly little blog post. I therefore recommend you check out his website – but even that shows just a glimpse of his creative oeuvre. (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Harry Potter, and Hook are just a few...)

GALACTIC GALLERY is now representing Drew Struzan’s work, and is currently setting up some of his originals within their Texas-based gallery. For collectors and fans, however, they’re also offering something very special: a selection of original art, giclee prints, books, and collectibles for sale. Many of them have already sold out, so I recommend you give it a look sooner than later!

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