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Amsel’s Lost Art: CUBA

Richard Lester’s CUBA, released in 1979 and starring Sean Connery and Brooke Adams, was a stylishly made romantic thriller that -- similar to Sydney Pollack’s 1990 film HAVANNA with Robert Redford – was set against the rise of Fidel Castro and the Communist revolution. Largely dismissed by audiences and critics at the time, it was daringly sympathetic to the plight of the Cubans, even if its political leanings took a backseat to the rather melodramatic story.

Ted CoConis did the final poster, but Richard Amsel did a number of preparatory sketches and comps.

Unfortunately I’ve yet to acquire a high resolution image of his final, polished design. What you see here is from a poor quality photo I had, and a lot of digital tinkering.

CoConis would go on to create the poster for Jim Henson’s LABYRINTH, following Amsel’s death. Cheryl Henson informed me that Amsel had been her father’s first choice, and following his death, the directive was to create a poster similar to Amsel’s style.


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