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Since the release of the teaser trailer, there's been more visibility on the project. I created a PRESS page listing some of the interviews I've done about the documentary over the years, including Adam Kennedy's excellent ART OF THE MOVIES website.

Adam made a kind mention of the documentary's teaser on his site. His most recent newsletter, "A week of two trailers - Avatar and Amsel!" pairs my little film alongside James Cameron's behemoth sci-fi spectacle. I'm flattered, though obviously feel out of my element. I think the only thing of Mr. Cameron's I'll ever surpass is the size of my waistline.

On a more serious, and especially important note, the project recently hit the $40k milestone for fundraising through our fiscal sponsor, FRACTURED ATLAS. This process has taken a number of years; so far most of the project was largely self-funded. But the recent wave of generosity has enabled considerable movement, and the ability to pick up the pace in finally making a dream a reality.

I'm forever grateful to you all. (And don't forget about our November fundraising promo!)


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