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Giving thanks for everything in 2023!

With the tumultuous happenings in the entertainment industry this year, which personally affected yours truly, it's easy to want to grumble and moan about 2023. But there's so much I'm thankful for, and all the process that has been made towards this project. It has become a far bigger endeavor than I could have ever imagined...and in the end, that's a good thing.

To all of you who contributed to this project, and have helped me along the way, I'm forever grateful.

I'm especially happy about all the new friends I've made, and having the honor of meeting new people who were a part of Richard Amsel's story.

Some major 2023 milestones that meant a lot to me:

  • Amsel's induction into The Society of Illustrators' Hall of Fame

  • Interviewing Sid Ganis, Bunny Cater, Erik Sharkey, Steve Anderson, and Gary Goldman

  • Reuniting with my friend Judy Goldman after several years

  • Seeing the publication of POSTER CHILD, artist David Byrd's book about his life, work, and career. (Which I'm happy to share that the WALL STREET JOURNAL recently covered.) This film would never have been made without David's help, and POSTER CHILD will play a big inspiration in the look and feel of the eventual AMSEL book.

I sincerely wish you all a happy and healthy 2024!!!


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