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Happy birthday, Richard

I usually abstain from posting updates about the film during the first week of December. It feels like a solemn time, between World AIDS Day on December 1st, and Richard Amsel's birthday on Dec. 4th.

It seems surreal that Amsel would have turned 75 years old today. Perhaps because he died at only 37 that's it's difficult to think of him as anything other than forever our memories, at least.

I often ask those who knew him what Amsel may have been like today, had he lived. Would be still be painting? Would he have followed other pursuits? Would his personality have changed? Alas, we shall never know.

Yesterday I received this photograph of Richard from his college graduation. It was attributed to the late Gary Bralow, who was a classmate and lifelong friend; he figures prominently in Amsel's life story, as well as his creative legacy. It's always startling to discover such pictures. This one's from over half a century ago...yet it really doesn't seem all that different from today.

Very special thanks to Randal Tolbert for sharing this with me.


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