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Happy Holidays!

As we celebrate the holiday season, I wanted to reach out and thank all of you for your continued support. Whether you were able to make a financial donation, or donated your time, creativity, and energy, or simply helped us to get the word out, this project is finally becoming a reality after so many years of work, struggle, passion, and love. I’m looking forward to having it completed next year!

I’m especially indebted to the dozens of people behind the scenes who worked with me on the project this year – including interview subjects, advisors, friends, volunteers, animators, artists, editors, researchers, and anyone and everyone in between. We’re almost there, guys…but there’s still some work left to do.

With a handful of days left of 2023, there’s still a chance for you to make a tax-deductible contribution to our project, and support our endeavors in the year to come. I’m still trying to land some final interviews (including a few high-profile subjects I’ve been in communication with), and there are a lot of post-production hurdles we’ll be jumping through. Such is the nature of indie filmmaking.

Let me close my sharing some holiday cheer from Richard Amsel himself, in these postcards written over 45 years ago:


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