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INDIANA JONES *illustrated* poster revealed...

Since RAIDERS' release in 1981, a number of artists have contributed posters for the INDIANA JONES films. Richard Amsel and Drew Struzan's works are most widely known in the USA, Asia and Europe...while other artists, including Brian Bysouth, Jakob Erol, and others contributed posters for other territories. (Not to mention the many excellent artists who created new posters in recent years, including Mark Raats, Laurent Durieux, Hugh Fleming, as well as the endless slew of unofficial no-talent fan art hacks.)

Struzan, in particular, helped define the iconic "look" of the series, contributing posters for the first four films. When we shared a lunch in early 2022, I couldn't help but bring up the prospect of the INDY V poster. "It's just not Indiana Jones without you," I told him. Struzan smiled back, graciously and warmly. The man is enjoying his retirement now, and after a lifetime of hard work, he's certainly earned it.

The new official poster for INDIANA JONES AND THE DIAL OF DESTINY has been released. It was done by the great Tony Stella, and represents a slightly different stylistic take from what we've seen before. And perhaps this is appropriate. The film is primarily set in 1969, and Stella's artwork is evocative of illustrations from that time.

While I'll always hold a sentimental favoritism to Amsel and Struzan's work, I'm nevertheless relieved that the powers that be wisely decided -- unlike what had been done with the STAR WARS posters of recent years -- to return to a traditionally illustrated poster.


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