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June PRIDE MONTH giving promo!

To follow up on my post about LGBTQ+ PRIDE MONTH, I think having a new giving promo should be in order!

Throughout the month of June, any donations we receive will qualify for one randomly selected giveaway of a large print of the winner's choice! Any donation, of any size, made in the month of June (including donations received since June 1st) will be tallied into a list by dollar amount, and then one winner will be randomly selected.

Check out our DONATION PAGE for more information.


Do you have a favorite Richard Amsel illustration, and would be interested in getting a print? Please inquire regarding availability, as not all images are suitable for large printing.

These prints are not poster reproductions, but print on demand pieces especially made from high definition source images of Richard Amsel's original artwork.

Exact sizes will also vary by art, but each will be at least 20"x30".

These prints are intended as THANK YOU REWARDS only, for fundraising purposes exclusively for the documentary, and are not intended for commercial sale or private resale.


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