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March donation promo – signed RAIDERS illustrated screenplays!

There’s just one day left to donate for our February promo, and enter to win a signed copy of David Edward Byrd’s extraordinary book, POSTER CHILD! David’s work includes iconic Broadway posters for FOLLIES, GODSPELL, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, as well as the film THE DAY OF THE LOCUST, and concert posters for Jimi Hendrix, among many others. David was also a close friend of Richard Amsel’s, and his support for this project has been invaluable.


Our March donation promo offers something exciting: I have two copies of the gorgeous softcover book RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: THE ILLUSTRATED SCREENPLAY, which feature Amsel’s artwork on the cover.


The first is signed by RAIDERS’ executive producer HOWARD KAZANJIAN.


The second is signed by legendary illustrator WILLIAM STOUT, who contributed to the film’s storyboards:

So how does this promo work? The recipients will be the two who make the highest donations to the project through March 31st. The higher of the two donors will be given first choice in selecting between the Kazanjian/Stout signed copies. In the event of multiple people donating the same highest amount by 3/31, all will be notified and given an opportunity to make additional donations to increase their cumulative totals.


Keep in mind: this promo is effective immediately, so those who donate by 2/29 can be entered to win BOTH the Byrd book and the RAIDERS screenplay!


As a reminder, this project has 501©(3) non profit status. Donations are tax deductible where applicable by law. Please refer to our donation page for more information.


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