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New donation incentives...and an October RAIDERS giveaway!

During my recent PR/marketing push, I was surprised by how well the postcards were received by people. I have quite a few left over for thank you/rewards perks and fundraising incentives.

Because the cost of large prints are beyond some people's comfort zone, I wanted to offer smaller donation packages that are easier on the wallet. I also wanted to make it easier for people to specify any preferences they might have.

We now offer thank you packages for donations of $25, $40, and $50, as well as the larger promotions. The different postcard designs are below:

Have a suggestion for the future? I'll be printing more postcard designs, and would like to know what's most in demand!

What new postcard designs would you like to see available?

  • 0%Marylin Monroe / Seven Year Itch

  • 0%Barbra Streisand / Yentl

  • 0%TV Guide Covers / Royal Couples

  • 0%TV Guide Covers / White House (Kennedys & Nancy Reagan)

Finally, for October, I'll be giving away TWO large prints of Richard Amsel's RAIDERS artwork (including the 1981 and 1982 illustrations) to one lucky winner. Any donations we receive will qualify for the giveaway -- any donation, of any size! Totals will be tallied into a list by dollar amount, and then one winner will be randomly selected. (Winners will not be required to pay any shipping fees for these prints.)

UPDATE: Our October prize will also include ALL AVAILABLE POSTCARDS AND 8x10" PRINTS!

Check out our DONATION PAGE for more information. Here are the prints I'll be giving away, which take up my dining table:


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