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Last Saturday, July 16th, marked the 40th anniversary of RAIDERS' nationwide re-release in theaters. I remember it vividly. Long before the days where you could rewatch a favorite movie via videocassette, cable TV, DVDs, BluRays, or Netflix, studios would -- not often, but sometimes -- give an event picture a special theatrical rerelease.

I think it was this experience of RAIDERS, even more than the original 1981 release, that really fueled my excitement and imagination. Thanks in no small part to Richard Amsel's poster art for the occasion -- which I first glimpsed as a black and white full page spread in The New Jersey Star-Ledger.

Last Friday, Lucasfilm honored Amsel's rerelease poster on social media, and I felt it worth sharing here:

Another, very generous shout-out came from none other than the great Drew Struzan, who commented on Amsel's contributions to the film. (That's what I call a class act!)


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