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Trying to do justice to that Amsel magic...

Some years ago I posted this video montage, illustrating a "before and after" comparison of old and new images. My aim was to show not only the extraordinary color and detail behind Amsel's original work -- often lost or muted within photos and movie poster reprints -- but the extensive restoration work I've undertaken. It's one of the many reasons this project has taken me so long. I'm not just making a movie, I'm preparing a book, and it's essential that people can view Amsel's art in the best way possible.

I've spent years tracking down transparancies and taking photographs of original work, digitally cleaning up and color correcting every image. Even if the source picture is clean and sharp, color correcting can be challenging. (I must have spent 4-6 hours alone on Amsel's RAIDERS '82 artwork.)

The new found detail in some of these scans is really eye-opening. Here's an additional tease of some excerpts:


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