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Site updates: Merging the blog archives

The folks at WIX, which I use to maintain this site, have finally included a feature I've long hoped for: the ability to merge different blogs together from other WIX-operated sites. Because of this, I've now included past blog entries from (aka here, dating back to 2014.

Not everything is included yet. That site originated in early 2009, and the first five years of entries were made on a now archaic version of DreamWeaver. Another downside is that, after merging the blogs, there are going to be a number of duplicate or similar entries.

I hope to eventually consolidate ALL images and material into one big, mammoth, comprehensive AMSEL resource...but I have a movie and book to make first!

I've let the original site somewhat fall by the wayside, in favor of There are so many, many new and improved images to add, as well as a revised biography, etc. Those will have to be handled down the road, so until then, will remain the first resource for recent news and updates.


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