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Newsletter perks / Spring promotion

I want to thank everyone who donated to our Spring Match promo. While we were not selected for the $1k match from our Fiscal sponsor, I’m always appreciative of any and all donations that come in.

There were two recipients of the MAD MAX: BEYOND THUNDERDOME poster. The first was KEVIN PATRICK O'BRIEN, who made the largest contribution during the promotion. The other recipient, selected at random, was Steve Anderson – who, coincidentally, I interviewed last summer for the film!

I feel it’s time to do something special for our newsletter subscribers, so I'll be giving away another MAD MAX poster in the future…to one of YOU! The recipient will be selected at random from all those who have subscribed to the newsletter. No donation is required; the recipient will only need to pay for shipping.

In the meantime... donate by end of day Sunday, May 12th, and enter to win a copy of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: THE ILLUSTRATED SCREENPLAY, generously signed by executive producer HOWARD KAZANJIAN! (No minimum donation is required, but the selected winner must pay for shipping.)

Finally, I'm planning yet another trip to the NYC/Philadelphia area within the next two months, as there's a critical interview I need to film. I'll be reaching out to a few other people on the east coast to see if they might be willing to participate, as well. After all these years, with multiple flights across the country, this will likely be my last trip back east for the film. If any of you will be in the area in May-July, and would be interested in meeting, please let me know.

Your support helps make this project a reality. As a reminder, our project has 501(c)(3) non-profit status, and your donations are tax deductible where applicable by law.


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