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Today marks the end of University of the Arts -- a Philadelphia institution for nearly 150 years. It's a sad day.

Whatever struggles I've had with the university regarding their handling of the Richard Amsel archive, I know it should not reflect on the student body as a whole.

For all the students who have been displaced, I hope you're able to find a new, rewarding path to continue your education.

For all the employees now out of a job, I hope you'll soon find a more stable workplace where you can apply your talents.

With ever-evolving changes in technology and the rise of AI, it is more important than ever to encourage and foster creative talent, and enable people to pursue careers in the arts. Art is a noble profession (however much it may be taken for granted), and I hope there can still be a bright future ahead for those with the desire to pursue it, whatever the odds.

Photo credit: Associated Press


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