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The last trip...and meeting a legend.

I recently flew yet again to the east coast to film some interviews. Barring any surprises, this will very likely be my last major trip for the production.

After all these years, with over sixty interviews filmed throughout six states, and countless hours of footage, I have to admit I'm now burned out.

The first part of this trip included a stay in New York City, where I had the thrill and honor of interviewing the newly elected president of Actors' Equity: the legendary Brooke Shields.

I don't want to give away what we talked about during the interview; all I can say was how amazing it was. Ms. Shields was so gracious and generous with her time, that the rest of us felt like dancing over the moon when it was over. My heartfelt thanks to Erik Sharkey and DP extraordinaire David Bowles for their help with the shoot, as well as to all the staff at the NH Collection Madison Avenue Hotel for being so accommodating.

My next stop was Pennsylvania, where I did a follow up interview with someone I'd first met back in 2016. As done with my interviews with David Byrd and Judy Goldman, so much new information had come to light in recent years that a second, follow up interview was necessary. It's strange to look through and compare the new footage with the old, shot so many years apart. I've aged so much, while the difference in picture quality (thanks to an updated 4K camera) is noticeable. But all the work certainly makes for an interesting story, modest production values be damned.

As David Byrd once told me, "The journey is everything." And this project has definitely been a journey.


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