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UPDATE: The winner of the giveaway is...


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this recent donation initiative! While COVID delayed a number of interviews over the past year and a half, I'm looking to travel back to the east coast in September to film more. I'll have other updates in store for you soon!

I did a livestream on Facebook while selecting the winner, just to prove impartiality. You can see the video here:


From the previous June post:

With RAIDERS fever in the air this weekend, I thought it was time to have another series of donation incentives for the documentary.

Those who donate at least $30 to our project through our Fractured Atlas donation page will be entered to win a 24"x30" (size is approximate) print of Amsel's RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK artwork! This time, the winner can choose either from the art for the original 1981 release, or the 1982 release!

I also have limited quantities of postcards and 8x10" prints available, for donations of $30 and $80, respectively. Every $30 donation will include a series of postcards, and one entry for the large RAIDERS print. Every $80 donation will include both the series of postcards and 8x10" prints, as well as three entries for the large RAIDERS print.

Donations must be received by the end of July 11th, 2021, to qualify for the drawing. The winner will be notified by the end of July. Winner will not be responsible for any shipping fees. Only one print will be available, and the winner will be drawn at random, in a video to be posted online.

The final art print is printed on Premium Photo Luster paper. These art reprints were made directly from photographic transparencies taken of Amsel's original artwork, and were professionally scanned and color-corrected. None of these reproductions are intended for commercial sale.

Fractured Atlas is a non-profit 501(c)(3) arts service organization legally registered as a charity to fund raise in all 50 states. Donations through this page are fully tax-deductible under the law. (To learn more about donating to the film, you can also check out our Donate/Contribute page.)


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