Another East Coast trip planned...

My apologies for using the generic NYC photo (thanks Google), but my posts generate a lot less interest without pictures... :) I haven't been back to the East Coast since last summer, but am planning to return to do more interviews sometime between August and late September/early October. I've yet to work out the details, but as I try to make the most of each trip, I thought I'd do well to post about it in advance. Right now, I have at least 3 people to meet up with in NYC. I'm also looking to do more filming in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and possibly even Connecticut and Massachusetts. I've lost touch with some of you, and I'm sorry. I sincerely hope to reconnect and schedule as many interv

Giving thanks...

Last December I wanted to share a little holiday gift with everyone who supported and contributed to the film by mailing them a set of AMSEL related postcards. While I'm pretty sure I covered everyone, I realize that I might have missed a few of you. If you made a donation or interviewed for the film, and have yet to receive the set, my deepest apologies. I could throw out some lame excuse about juggling work, moving, and the holiday rush, but who am I kidding? Please contact me and I'll get the postcards out to you shortly. Five postcards make up the set: four are double-sided (see the top two rows for comparison), while the fifth is a standalone image of the AIDS quilt panel, made in Richa

The big picture...

I’m going to make a sincere attempt to post weekly updates from now on. There are so many interviews I’ve done that I’ve yet to mention, though I’m still trying to schedule more in the coming months. Patience is a virtue, but then again, so is activity. Another challenge I hope to accomplish in the future is better integrating the site with this one, so that all news stories can be searched at the same time, and to give everything a uniform look. I’d also like to include some new and improved images, including a number of Amsel works that have never been published before. But there are two significant caveats. First, I want to leave some of these “rediscov

Warner Bros. Tribute Art Show

I know, I know... I have a lot of catching up to do. My 2018 ended with a purchase of a new home, while much of 2019 (thus far) was spent packing up the old place and moving into the new one. (I dare not use the term "unpacking" as my office/studio room is still filled with clutter yet to be organized.) The last time I moved was four years ago, into a lovely 2-bedroom apartment in Sierra Madre, CA. As I was fairly happy there, I told myself I wouldn't move out unless I experienced either a significant life change, or California's plate tectonics deemed it absolutely necessary. Fortunately, it was a life change for the better. For my previous move, I took a week off work, and had everything r

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