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Receive credits on the film! / New rewards incentives! / THE BOOK!

As the year comes to a close, I wanted to update people on what’s happening with the film. Right now we’re still editing AND doing some more interviews. While we have more than enough material for a multipart series (!), much less a feature documentary, there are still some people I’m hoping to film. It certainly won’t bottleneck the editing process; it’s very likely that we’ll be filming interviews up until the very last minute.

Congratulations to SUNAN KENSHIN for winning our October promo – and thanks to everyone who donated! Your contributions are essential for our project, as we reach this critical stage of trying to complete the film. It’s always challenging to raise awareness and do fundraising, so we’re adding some new incentives…

First, we now offer donors the option of receiving EXTRA LARGE GICLEE PRINTS for select pieces, including Raiders, Flash Gordon, The Muppet Movie, The Dark Crystal, The Sting, The Shootist, A Star is Born, and many more – along with numerous TV Guide cover illustrations and album and concert artwork.

And by “EXTRA LARGE”, we mean it: these custom giclee prints can measure more than 40x50” inches! Those of you looking to fill an empty wall space, or for unique holiday gift ideas, now have something to think about. Each giclee is printed on demand for each donor. This process can take time, so it’s best to order soon if you want something in time for Christmas.

Also, anyone who donates at least $100 to the project now has the option of having their name included as a supporter in the film’s website and end credits. (This includes all past donors as well.) For privacy concerns, however, we ask that all interested donors give us written permission to list their name(s). Please email, when possible.

Remember, as AMSEL: ILLUSTRATOR OF THE LOST ART is a project with 501©(3) non-profit status, all contributions will receive a tax writeoff where applicable by law. Please refer to our DONATE/CONTRIBUTE page for more information.

Finally, the BIG new incentive: Those able to make large donations now have the opportunity to receive a producing credit on the film! This includes: oo-associate producer ($3000), associate producer ($5000), co-executive producer ($10,000), and executive producer ($15,000).

In addition to the credit and tax write-offs, donors will also receive:

  • All available postcards and small prints.

  • An EXTRA LARGE print of the donor’s choice.

  • One of the first exclusive printings of the forthcoming RICHARD AMSEL ART BOOK, which is being made in tandem with the film.

That’s right, THE BOOK!!! And yes, it’s going to happen…someday, somehow. I’ll be announcing more about that next month, with a new (though still tentative) redesign and rebranding. In the meantime, here’s a snippet of what’s to come:



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