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This project has been over seven years in the making, but there's still so much more I hope to do.

In the immediate future, I'm looking to film more interviews. (I just did a terrific one last Monday -- more on that later.) I've struggled for years trying to get some of the high-profile celebrities and filmmakers Amsel worked with, and am now in a mad dash of final attempts at reaching out yet again. I've mailed press kits, made endless phone calls, sent out emails, again and again and again. But in this industry, it's almost always "Who you know."

If anyone has any leads, referrals, etc., please send them my way.

I also felt it was time at last to hire a professional public relations service, to help spread the word and garner more media attention about the project -- especially as we're seeking completion funds. More information can now be found on our PRESS/CONTACT page.

Finally, if you haven't done so already, please be sure to join our mailing list! You'll be given access to special announcements, promos, and events!

Below: one of our first press releases, which can be found through our PRESS RELEASES page.


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