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Thank you/rewards perks are back!

As our SPRING MATCH donation incentive kicks off for this week (be sure to give by Friday, May 26th!), I have some good news to share.

Back in March, I explained that, due to policies with our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, we could no longer offer rewards perks/thank you gifts for donations, while at the same time allowing them to be fully tax-deductible. Because of this, we put a hold on the gift incentives. Since then, however, there have been some important clarifications, and we've finally been able to work out all the details! Effective immediately, we ARE allowed to offer such rewards perks through our Fractured Atlas donation page. The difference is that such donations are now only partially tax-deductible; amounts are determined by the size of the donation, minus the estimated monetary value/manufacture of the thank you gift.

Donors can now contribute in two different ways:

  1. Give through a fully tax-deductible contribution, either through a single, one-time donation, or ongoing monthly donations of your choice.

  2. Give and receive a special THANK YOU PACKAGE, as well as a partial tax-deductible contribution.

To receive one of our THANK YOU PACKAGES, select the ONE-TIME button under "Choose your donation frequency". A full list of packages will be available. Please note that these are subject to change, based on ongoing printing costs and availability.

Current options include:

$40 donation package: 9 postcards. Designs may vary. Only amounts over $30 tax-deductible.

$125 donation package: 9 postcards & 6 prints. Designs may vary. Only amounts over $80 tax-deductible.

$225 donation package: 1 large print Only amounts over $125 tax-deductible. or $400 donation package: 2 large prints Only amounts over $250 tax-deductible. Large prints vary by design, but will be at least 20x30 inches. Please inquire regarding availability; many options to choose from. These THANK YOU PACKAGES are for fundraising rewards only, and are not intended for commercial sale or private resale. For more information, click here.


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